Meet The Fellows

Carl Boswell '14

Carl Boswell '14 Global Data Analyst, Bloomberg L.P.

Carl embraced the Paterno Fellows Program’s challenge to stretch himself to new limits by excelling in the classroom, completing two internships, and studying abroad in Argentina. Today, he credits those experiences for giving him the courage to stretch even further and thrive in his young career with the world’s leading provider of business and financial information. 

“It’s in making our very best effort that we are stretched to the very limits of our ability, that makes us better men and able to stretch again.”
–Joe Paterno

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Carolina Spiess

Carolina Spiess Psychology Major

Carolina embodies the ideals of service that are at the very core of the Paterno Fellows Program. An aspiring HR professional, she spent a semester in Germany helping refugees acclimate to German culture and preparing them to enter the workforce. The Program supported Carolina as she advanced her own professional ambitions while working in service of something larger than herself. 

“Lose yourself in something bigger than you are, lose yourself in something that will make you want to rise up.”
–Joe Paterno

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Jule Walsh

Jule Walsh Penn Law Student

Being a Paterno Fellow inspired Jule to pursue transformational learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. In addition to completing an internship with a U.S. Senator, Jule traveled to Sri Lanka to study the inner workings of a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished girls. Her transformation continues today as a first-year student at one of the nation’s most prestigious law schools. 

“If students learn to reach beyond their grasp right now, they’ll do that for the rest of their lives and they’ll always know they can keep learning.”
-Sue Paterno

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